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Barbara Stephens, Owner/Piano Technician

I was born and raised in Las Cruces, NM and started piano lessons after my Mom (who also plays the piano) insisted that if I wanted to play soccer then I had to take piano lessons.  Thanks Mom!!! 

I attended college on an academic and soccer scholarship and received a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at College of the Southwest in Hobbs, NM.  Teaching 5th grade in Hatch, NM I came to the realization that the school politics involved in teaching was not for me.  

Later, while working at the DMV, I had the day off and had to let Guy Nichols, RPT in to tune at my church.  I sat there taking it all in and said to myself “I can do this.”  I asked Guy if he’d teach me how and luckily, he said yes.  That was 15 years ago and I still love it.

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Barbara Stephens
Piano Technician
PO Box 114
Mayhill, NM 88339
(575) 644-1932


I love improving, tuning and repairing pianos!  I love when someone mentions that they didn’t even know that their piano didn’t have to squeak or click. I enjoy finding out why that note double strikes or won’t repeat and then fixing the issue.  I’m currently studying to take the RPT (Registered Piano Technician) Exams.  This is the highest certification offered in our field of work.  There aren’t any federal regulations about who can claim to be a piano “tuner”.  The Piano Technicians Guild is committed to providing training and testing to make sure that the highest performance standard is met.

I now live in the middle of nowhere outside of Mayhill, NM on 5 acres surrounded by forest and incredible neighbors.  This is how I got my other job: a Wildland Firefighter.  I’m an engine boss (which means I’m in charge of my truck and crew) for a private company that has an agreement with the federal government.  This keeps me busy during the summer and early fall when the unstable climate isn’t the best for piano tuning.  I’ve gotten to see a lot of beautiful country, and seen many communities and awesome people at their best and worst.